The Ghosts of Baccalieu and Beyond

I present my books A World Full of Ghosts and The Ghosts of Baccalieu to students in an interactive, entertaining presentation in which the children meet a “real” ghost, learn about ghostly traditions in different cultures, and hear some spine-tingling Newfoundland ghost stories. 

Grades 3 to 6

60 students maximum

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Language Arts

Social Studies

Multicultural Studies



The Scottish Silky ghost (who tidies up people’s houses while they are asleep) introduces the students to the many different kinds of ghosts in the world. After about 10 minutes, she—disappears!—and I play Ghost Ball with the students, tossing a haunted globe into the audience. Each child that catches it chooses a country, and I tell them about the traditional ghosts in that part of the world, and the corresponding ghosts in Newfoundland. After each story, the students are asked to rate it on the Scariness Scale with a show of hands for One Skull (a little scary), Two Skulls (scary) or Three Skulls (very scary).

Then I turn down the lights and advise the children to sit a little closer to their friends while I tell ghost stories from Newfoundland. At the end of the presentation, I spend a few minutes introducing my other books and answering students’ questions about ghosts and writing. 


“She enthralled us …. she spooked us … our audience had a wonderful time.” —Angela Noseworthy, The Rooms, St. John’s

“Her presentations have been particularly captivating for the children. … We have enjoyed Charis’s excellent storytelling and theatricality so much that we have had her back to present several years in a row.”—Leigh Borden, Holy Trinity Elementary, Torbay

The children were entranced ….  I would highly recommend her.” —Catherine Harris-Thuerig, Agnes Taylor Public School, Brampton, Ontario