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" ... Alternating subchapters in Claire's and Annie's voices weave a cleverly constructed, compellingly paced mystery that's part time-slip story, part ghost story, part meditation on the power of dreaming. ... Full of emotional truth and connection. "—Kirkus

" ... This exquisitely wrought story holds something to entice virtually every reader. It is a carefully constructed mystery, a layered and sensitive family drama and a sophisticated time-travel adventure with ghostly elements. Alternating between Annie and Claire’s point of view, Cotter adeptly crafts both girls and their troubled relationships with their mothers. She depicts the remote Newfoundland landscape, Claire’s resentment of it and how it calls to Annie.

Moody and atmospheric, the setting becomes as significant and as fully realized as the characters, each of whom are realistically flawed and authentic. The story unfolds at exactly the right pace and is a delicately nuanced tale of secrets, shadows of the past, family ties, heartache and healing." —Atlantic Books Today