The Ghosts of Southwest Arm



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Creepy Tales from Southwest Arm, Newfoundland

The touch of a ghostly hand on a dark path, a headless horseman galloping through the dusk, a ghostly schooner sailing into the wind—Southwest Arm, Newfoundland, is haunted by a host of phantoms.

Students at Southwest Arm Academy collected ghost stories from friends and family to create this record of ghostly phenomena in their community. The stories reflect the history of this remote corner of Trinity Bay, where Europeans have been fishing since the 1500s.

Every student in the school, from Kindergarten to Grade Twelve, contributed a story or a picture to the book as part of an ArtsSmarts program. I guided them through the publishing process with workshops on writing, editing, illustrating and design. 

The students produced a book that is imaginative, entertaining, and spooky, threaded with the rich cultural heritage of this beautiful part of Newfoundland.

Book a school visit to bring my spooky Newfoundland ghost stories to your school. See Haunted Newfoundland: Ghost Stories from the Rock to learn more.